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                                                       Burstable Fast E

Burstable Fast Ethernet (FastE) is an alternative for businesses that have variable bandwidth requirements and have grown beyond the bandwidth provided by a burstable DS3 circuit (3 megabits per second or mbps to 45 mbps). Burstable FastE is available at speeds from 10 mbps up to 100 mbps.  

Burstable FastE can allow a business to pay for a lower monthly bandwidth commitment of 10 mbps but allow usage of up to 100 mbps for periods of increased internet traffic flow, or increased flow over their network. For this reason, burstable FastE can be less costly than paying for unused bandwidth during periods of decreased network traffic. The customer is charged extra only for the amount of bandwidth added during the specific length of time of increased use. Minimum monthly commitments vary with each bandwidth provider.  

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